My Elation, I’ve revamped my Website!

June 18th, 2011

Posted by: Olakunbi (Kunbi) Korostensky ND

It’s been quite a while since I posted on my blog. Now that I have managed to bring a rudimental balance to my website www.embracingchanges.com with an integrated WordPress Blog, I am ready to begin a new phase of this journey.

It is true what they say about never to lose sight of the end result of what you truly want.

A pointed lesson on the power of intuitive guidance that I learnt during the whole process of updating www.embracingchanges.com  was never to let myself be misled.

In January 2010. I Initially decided it was time to change the face of my website, but didn’t yet know how I was going to handle the change. The old webpages had over 70 pages and information and not being a techie person, I felt overwhelmed. Still I knew it was time to make a change and I wanted to do it in a way that wouldn’t eat a hole into my financial pocket!

So early January 2011, I did what many clever marketers on the Internet have long been doing, I branched out into the Outsourcing realm and found a wonderful distant Outsourcing VA, who has now helped to get everything into its appropriate order – moved website and configurated WordPress to fit what I require, moved all my blog posts from a monthly paying blog platform to WordPress, without it all costing me a bombshell! 

Although we are still working on the website, it is now live and you can check it out to see the new face and updated service offers I have set up at www.embracingchanges.com

I shall be adding upcoming events to the calendar page as well as various audios and videos to support you  more.

I look forward to your comments about the new website.

Thank you

To your inner brilliance!

Kunbi Korostensky ND

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