1 Goal at a Time Strategic Plan

Achieving Your Best after A Change in Six-Simple-Steps

These are simple Strategies to help you achieve your goal effortlessly and fast in 6 weeks after a change with the integration of your intuition

Please note: This course is currently being offered in January and September. Please send an email to contact@awakenwomen.com for new dates


  1. To set effective and manageable goals with the help of your intuition
  2. To choose the right goal to work on first with clarity
  3. To plan your action steps by breaking them down into smaller manageable action steps
  4. To release fear of taking action by strengthening your energy
  5. To apply your intuition to take pre-meditated action for clear results
  6. To customize the strategy for other goals for resounding outcome.


The D.E.P.T.H ™– Healing Your Life after Divorce: for Divorced Executives

Applying “The DEPTH Actualization” to Heal Your Life and Refine Yourself

Depth and Happiness

The DEPTH Actualization is a concise coaching program to support your process of healing as you learn to deal with your loss after divorce. DEPTH Actualization has been used successfully used by others who have undergone divorces.

D.E.P.T.H  “Actualization” stands for :

Divorced: Your Divorce as a self quest

Executive: Keeping a balance between career and daily routines

Perseverance: Taking steps towards rediscovering yourself

Territory: Moving into new territory without becoming overly self conscious

Happiness: Finding new happiness through forgiveness and releasing the past

ACTUALIZATION- Experience fully again the joy of refinding yourself and your path with an open heart


Perceptive Training™ Program: Vibrational Currents in Action!

6 Steps to increase inner peace and build unshakeable confidence for lifelong happiness

Please note: This course is currently being offered in Spring and Autumn. If you’d like to know the dates for the next course, please send an email to contact@embracingchanges.com

  • Training you to become aware of the currents around you
  • Clearing inner blockages of doubts and resistance
    Recognizing the lasting (eternal) values in changes
  • Learning to unfold your ‘wings’
    Generating a higher frequency of vibrations within yourself
  • Trusting your own natural sequence to unfold
    Balancing you inner vibrations with the outer vibrations
  • Staying in the flow of being ‘in action’
    Steadily building up your inner currents for deeper fulfilment and satisfaction
  • · Letting go and staying fully open and trusting the process to unfold naturally and experiencing the rewards and the consequences

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