When there’s No Enemy Within, The Enemies Outside Cannot Hurt You!

October 20th, 2011

We all go through periods of epiphany which help shift things for us. I believe these to be wonderful moments of deep recognition that can transform our being on an intrinsic level..  

In the last six years, I have made some very clear conscious decisions about my life and how I interact with people. One of these decisions was never to argue with people, because it is energy draining and never resolves anything. It is my conviction that arguing over any matter always  leaves all parties frustrated no matter who has the last word. 

Another thing about arguments is that we argue because we want the other person to accept our opinion and thereby gives us a sense of our greatness.

Now think about this for a moment: how do you feel when someone agrees with what you say? Don’t you have a sense of relief and maybe an underlying pride and validation? Now be honest about this and stop to reflect about these questions.  

And now to the other questions: How do you feel when someone disagrees with your opinion? Do you feel slighted, threatened, angry or can you simply acknowledge the difference of opinions without having any residual feelings of “being trodden upon” and kicked to the curb?

If you’re like most people, you will feel connected with the person who “sides” with you and resent the one who disagrees with you.

Now what does this have to do with todays’ title: When there’s no Enemy Within, the Enemies Outside Cannot hurt You and how does this relate to handling difficult changes with our Intuition?

Actually a lot!

1. When we are experiencing a difficult change in our life, most times we are over sensitized. This fact often does not render accepting advice from other people easy. Our imminent frame of mind renders us vunerable and even when we know on one level of awareness that our friends or partner mean well, it still does not make it easy for us to swallow our pride and agree with them.

In this case, the enemy within are our own insecurities and frustrations. So how can we handle these feelings? First let me say that start by letting go of the old adage: “Attack is the best form of defense”. This will not get you far and will only make things harder for you.

As long as you hold on to your defense, you cannot access your intuition. This is because the anger or the feelings of frustration hold you hostage and our intuition being of a finer vibration cannot cut through that thick wall.

The solution is to listen to the other person by observing what you’re sensing and being with those feelings. Here’s an example. While out with my husband and some friends, my husband complained about some pains in his left leg. I listened as he talked without saying anything. After a while he turned to me and said, why aren’t you saying anything. I replied that because I know he wouldn’t listen to what I have to say, so why should I say anything. He immediately went on the defense, saying: yes, you never listen to me about other matters either.

At that moment, I observed myself and what was going on within me. As I observed, I saw mÿself recoiling and then becoming aware of my feelings. The more I observed what was happening inside me the calmer I became and finally the feelings dissolved as I was able to accept part of what he said as correct and left it at that. My acknowledging the truth gave me a new perspective of the situation. I didn’t feel the need to respond to his attack. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat around my solar plexus and heard a tiny voice said: ”you’re bigger than that and there’s no need to defend yourself“.  

2. Don’t we all love to be right or should I say, why do we recent being proven wrong?  I have found that the more I put my focus on someone’s feelings and listen with an open heart to their reasoning, the easier it is for me to let down my guard. In this receptive mode, I can readily access my intuiive guidance without feeling the need to be right. Invariably, the other person either admit their own insecurities or let go of the jabbing.

When we entertain a strong connection with our inner force, you feel stonger and outward circumstances no longer unhinge us easily. This is because, we begin to recognize on a deeper level of our being that our outer life is truly a mirror of our own inner fears. Become master of you inner life and you master your outer circumstances with calmness.

With our intuition, we can listen to its message in such moments and use its guidance to let go of anger and irritation.

One thing that might help is to ask yourself: Would you rather be right or be happy and peaceful? I know which one I choose. The truth is that when we are able to accept all our experiences as opportunities and pathways to becoming more of our true being, we create a stronger bond with our intuiion which is there to support us in all our challenges.

The best way to live is to be so connected to your inner guidance that you no longer need  validation from others. By becoming inwardly strong and clear, you’ll find that other people’s opinion matters lesser and lesser and you no longer feel the need to convince people of your opinion.

I make an effort to clear out my inner closet regualrly. This helps me revisit some buried issues and wipe them out. The clearer our inner mind gets, the more prominent our intuition becomes in our life.

Share your thoughts on this.

Saying Yes to Receive Your Abundance

September 12th, 2011

September 7th is a very special day for me. It is a day of retreating and remembering that as a woman, I am here for a particular purpose. To use my feminine attributes in a consciencious way that evokes harmony of balance, love, ingenuity and forthright presence in my surroundings.

And you dear friend, what is your current situation?
Are you still waiting for something to change in your life, or are you stalling to make the changes you know it is time to make?

Be ready to move on when you know that it’s time to move on. Don’t let doubt or wariness stop you.

Do you know that the minute you heistate to take the steps you know you ought to take, your energy of momentum gets shut down and loses its strong vibration.

All crises and changes are precusors to breakthroughs in life and catalysts for our growth. If you think about any changes or crises you’ve experienced in the past, you’ll recognize that they were exactly what you needed at the time. Because the crises forced you to delve deeper into your inner resources and become stronger, even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

I believe that on a Soul level, consciously or unconsciously, we design our life to instigate our spiritual growth. We all are seeking primarily the conscious connection with our spirit, our true core. Once you’re able to activate that connection and retain it, you’ll be amazed at how simpler your life becomes and you no longer feel vulnerable and weak.

One of the things that I’m sure about is that you have to claim the abundance you want in your life. In other words, there’s is no point having wishful thinking and day dreaming about what your life could be like, if only…..?! You have to say a resounding YES to what you sense within you needs to change.

Once you know that a change is due, be firm and don’t dilly dally on it. Find a way to start leaving the old behind you and start moving into the new you feel is the way to go.

Don’t let outward circumstances hold you back. because if you do, you’ll never break free on to the new path.

Remember that behind every human aberration, there is a spiritual aspiration trying to emerge. Rest assured that whatever your intuition is prompting you to do is right and has a reason. Even if you can’t yet understand it, you only need to trust and follow through.

Inner rigidity is often what causes struggles. It is better to remain inwardly flexible. This is the key to true happiness. Think of how a willow tree bends with the wind no matter where it blows and no matter how strong the wind gets the branches still adapt and remain strong.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. So remain open, listen fully and trust the process. It’ll be worth its while in the long run. I assure you.

The most enriching way to grow is to embrace any changes in your life while remaining connected with the true source of knowledge to guide your path.

Would love to hear your comments and experiences below.

Love Always
Your Inner Flame Rekindler Coach
Kunbi Korostensky ND

How to Quieten Inner Turbulence in Times of Changes

August 30th, 2011

In times of changes, we often go through “emotional roller coaster”. This actually is not surprising and need not render you over anxious. The most important thing is to realize that having some kind of anxieties is normal.

Admittedly the form of anxieties differ from situation to situation

Take for instance, someone who receives a business promotion which he or she has long dreamt about. Although initially overjoyed, the anxiety of self scrutiny will eventually come up. This is because as humans, we all want to give our best to whatever we do. When others put their faith in us, we don’t want to disappoint them. So what do we do? We begin doubting our ability and ask ourselves if we are truly qualified for the work, or if we can meet expectations.

Or someone who is suddenly faced with branching out on their own either because they have been laid off work or they simply have decided to go a new direction. I am one for firing up people who make the conscious decision to take a new path. Whether out of necessity or not, it is remarkable and you should commend yourself for your courage.

Effective Ways to Quieten The Nagging Mind
1. Fears and self doubts can plague us to the extent that we lose all motivation to take action even when we know what to do. The trick is to not suppress these fears or nagging thoughts. When they occur, observe them and breathe calmly into them without denying their existence.

2. Write down all your fears and doubts on a sheet of paper and each time any of the fear or doubts rears its head, take the paper and read out the fear. Cancel it out on the paper and close your eyes cancelling it out again in your mind. Then breathe in slowly and as you slowly breathe out say to yourself: “I release the energy of (say the fear), you no longer have any hold on me”. Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel that you’ve completely released the doubt or fear. Repeat the entire process for all the list on your paper as each doubt appears.

3. After releasing all your fears and doubts, you’ll begin to feel more calmer. This is the state of mind you want to be in order to fully align with what you need to do. Without inner peace, you cannot access real answers. Inner composure prepares you for the next step. This is to connect with your intuition for guidance. Now close your eyes and ask for inner guidance for whatever it is you want, bringing only one point at a time to focus. Ask for a clear direct answer and refrain from saying such things as: should I do this…. or should I do that? Instead be precise: “Show me the best way to handle this situation so that I’m able to use my gifts productively”

Always remember that inner turbulence mirrors our vulnerabilities to us. By paying attention to these vulnerabilities and embracing them consciously, we can integrate their energy into our being and fully combine the emotional and mental energies together to redirect their path constructively. As long as we are controlled by our vulnerabilities, we will not be able to master our intuition and find the right path in life with deep satisfaction.

Begin to use the three steps and you’ll be amaze at how easier you’re able to handle any change more effectively.

Let me know your experience with this method.

Love Always
Your Inner Flame Rekindler

Using the Power of Perception to Change Things

August 3rd, 2011

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share this with you.

There are times when we feel that no matter what we do, nothing seems to be happening. This feeling cannot only frustrate us, but render us solemn and dispondent. I have come to realize that it is our perception of when and how we want things to show up that brings about doubts and frustrations.

Change your perception and your circumstances start to shift. What does this mean and how can we consciously remain in the state of receptivity instead of doubt which locks us into constriction?

first off, I have found that when I allow thing to be okay and remain in that space of openness, changes start occurring naturally.

It is important to remember that we have the power to form and reform things in and around us with our exceptional abilitiy of creativeness.

Using these 4-steps declarations can start your power of perception to unfold naturally:

1. Stop affirming that things are difficult. Instead, begin declaring: I am shifting things happilly and I am doing it well.
2. Tune within and repeat as often as necessary: I am now connecting with the everlasting all-embracing power and it is showing me the way.
3. I am choosing to free myself of all perceived and unwanted constraint.
4. I am Alert, I am Aware, I am Awaken and I am fully anchored in God’s beautiful Creation in peace, joy and clarity and with a creative approach to life now and always.

Always remember that when you commit to changing things in your life, things are no longer what they were before. Because you’ve already broken the vicious cycle and the shift has already began. Keep the momentum going by repeating the 4 steps constantly until you start sensing and feeling the changes around you.
Even if you still can’t see the physical appearance, don’t be misled. Remain connected to you inner sensing and things will appear in their own time.

Let your intuition continue to show you the way!

Changing Our Perspectives in Today’s World

June 30th, 2011

Working on my book over several months: INTUITION INVOLUTION: Living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond! has brought a number of things into perspectives for me.

First, as I worked to get everything in line to deliver contents that I know will benefit our world, I realized that no matter what i do, it is only a tiny part to helping people make the necessary changes to save our world.

Second, I recognized that in spite of all the various challenges we all are experiencing today, the important thing is never to allow your spirit to be broken. Keep your faith strong and remain vigilance, even if you still can’t see how things will change.

Third, my intuition has grown so strongly that I realized that truly connecting with the intuition and finding solutions is just a question of inner adjustments and taking the time to relax into who you really are.

We all often get too caught up in the frenzy around us and forget to attune within. Checking regularly with your “inner councellor” in the course of the day does not only help shift your  perspectives, but is also a wonderful way of remaining alert sensing the loving energy, reminding you that all will be well, no matter what!

One thing that has truly helped me over the many months when I sometimes felt that there was just so much to do and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it all done, was to consistently remind myself that this wasn’t work, but a joyful calling, to which I said yes to.

This has been a joyful experience, because it removed the pressure that I had to do something to make everything work out. It made me realize that all I needed to do was simply to listen within and things will unfold as I trust to take the steps that my inner promptings advised me to take. Making this inner adjustment has been a great blessing and opened some miraculous doors for me to walk in.

I believe that this inner adjustment can also be applied to how we approach things happening either in our lives or in today’s world. We all can begin to help heal the cirmcustances around us, by starting to say yes to our intuition and listening more from within.

It is my conviction that our world can only be saved when each of us begin to take full reponsibility for all we think and do. This begin with Living from Intuition

Love Always.

Kunbi Korostensky ND

Author of the forthcoming book:  

“INTUITION INVOLUTION: Living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond!

The Power Of Inner Peace

July 22nd, 2008


The times we live in challenge us to seek deeply within our souls for answers to many issues. I have been working day and night in my Retreat Wellness Centre for women on a special project which I’m hoping will facilitate attaining more relaxation for our clients at the centre. Although I enjoy the work tremendously, it is taking a toll on me.

Last night I decided to tune in more profoundly than I had been doing recently. So I lit a candle and put on one of my favourite cds to help me relax and go within. I was amazed at the length of time it took me to fully relax and completely free my mind of various accumulated thoughts and bodily tension!

As I kept on focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind of many chatters, I began to let go of all tensions which have built up over the entire day. Then suddenly I heard myself humming to a sound I heard within myself. I kept on repeating the humming slowly breathing out and leaving out the humming when I breathed in.

Incredible! The humming intensified my relaxation and I felt a deep sense of peace washing over me as I continued. My body went into a motionless silence as I felt its weightlessness.

Now mind you I know about “toning” and I have used several background music for toning whenever I feel tensed or stressed, but this time it was different. It was as if the sound came from inside of me and showed my body the path to fully and completely release all baggage in a most simple and subtle manner.

I became an observer as well as a conduit. The humming imparted me with a sense of deep inner peace  and strength which I hadn’t been able to attain for a long time. This state of being helped to remind me that we do not have to wait to replenish ourself. It is possible at each moment and only requires conscious inner attunement.

When I woke up at 5 AM this morning, I felt rejuvenated, alert and strong. It was as if something had shifted within me and my heart was filled with love and deep gratitude.

What we all require at this difficult time is regular inner communion with our source, the spirit essence within us. It can remind us to reach deeply within and open ourself to the source of light around us and connect with it to replenish our soul and body.

I wish you love and the joy of discovering your own replenishing moments!

Paradigm Shift: Beware Of Your Expressions!

October 2nd, 2007

Wow, What a jolt I got! Recently, as I was in the process of explaining some distinctions to a sweet elderly man he listened very attentively without as much as interrupting me. When I finished speaking, he gave me a wink and said: “all that barrage of words, are you trying to knock me out cold?”

This caught me completely off balance, that I just starred back at him in amazement. Here was a simple, caring veteran whom I have so much to be grateful for, considering how he has always been there to give me support without any complaint whatsoever. And I thought I could help him come to a better understanding of certain modern technology. Mind you, not that I am an expert or anything of that sort as far as technology goes. But, I have learned to apply one or two things better, and I was only trying to get him to let go of his resistance. Boy, what a crock!  He obviously had a more simplified approach!

This episode brought me down to earth. It squarely reminded me of how we sometimes make things complicated, especially when we are looking through a “dark glass”. Which often happens in times of changes. The tendency to complicate life is something I have always tried to be mindful of. One aspect of how we make things difficult is when we refuse to let the past be in the past, but burden ourself with what “used to be”, how we once were or what we once had!

It is a fact that learning to fully live in the present can simplify our lives. Especially when you are trying to make changes or are forced to make a change. A great help here is to become more aware of what you say and the expressions you use. Cherised memories are balm for the soul, but can keep us locked away in the old if we live too much in the past.

I have found that people who have problems with letting go of what was, usually struggle with identifying with the present. This is sad, because it is only in the present that we can truly be happy.It matters not what was yesterday or last decade, this moment holds the promise for tomorrow.

When you make a paradigm shift, you make a conscious shift in your awareness. It is as if you suddenly see clearer with an inner mind. A mind that reveals deeper truth and knowledge to you. This was what happened to me as I tried to be helpful to that gentle veteran. I realized that even though all my “gibberish” did make sense to me, they had only served to reinforce the dear man’s resistance even more. Lesson learned: the simpler the better. Give only what is required and not go overboard with words and expressions.

I hope to keep this lesson tucked consciously away under my belt!


Become Like a Child

September 14th, 2005


Hi there

The other day as I was chatting with my neighbour, she complained about how her one year old son was becoming very active and demanding!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, especially as I remember rightly how not too long ago, she had wanted a child. and now that he’s here…he seems to be becoming a burden. Just great and unbelievable were my first thoughts.

When I went in to see her and her little boy later on, I observed the little one toddling around and being himself and suddenly it dawned on me why his mother was all flustered out.

The little one was simply abiding by the rules of nature….Which is, to develop and move on, and she, the mother was finding it difficult to adapt.

Go With The Flow

I gently pointed this out to her, remarking that all she needed to do was to become like her child. She was really amazed when I said this. So I explained that she only has to go with the flow. In children’s developmental stages, growing children do not think about when and how they grow. They just do.

Meaning, she the mother simply should relax and sit back, accepting  the new process as a stage of learning for her own development and growth. Just as it is for her child.

How many times do you get overwhelmed by trying to second guess yourself whenever a change occur, or whenever something is not going the way you expect it to?

Changes Are Simple To Make

Allowing changes to simply evolve usually freaks people out because of many unsettling emotions involved. Still, changes are simple to make if you just relax and enjoy the ride.

Can you find anything in your life at present, to help remind and reassure you of how you have in the past, naturally made some changes like a child?

For sometime now, I have made a commitment to myself to live more consciously, and this involves seeing and experiencing changes in my life as very simple and joyful.

This attitude is quite freeing and exhilarating, because it helps me continuously learn new things in awe. Just like a child. Have you ever observed the expression on a child’s tiny face, when it discovers something new? …It is magical!

I challenge you to try it.

Keep tuned in.



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