Can Enhancing Intuition Reduce Depression and Fear?

July 29th, 2011

New Hope

Recently, I had a very interesting discussion with two wonderful women whom I have known for sometime.

One of the women mentioned that her sister has been depressed for a long time and she has been on medication the last 8 years. She was wondering why so many people fall into depression for “no apparent” reason and find it difficult to move out of it.

The other woman, nodded and went on to say that she feels that depression and fear often are related, especially when people have been through an emotional ordeal.

As I listened to both women with an open heart, I became empathic as they both offered their various observations and insights about two major problems in our world today.

Suddenly, I realized the deeper significance of depression and fear in the world. My intuition kicked in and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t put these together before!

Emotions are powerful energy. Emotional ordeal usually erodes the power of the soul and therefore can render us vunerable to negative energies. As our world has become quite densed with strong negative energies surrounding us both in our physical world and etherically, it is clear that when emotional upheaval hits us the natural protective schild around our body – the aura may not be able to wade off the negativity effectively. This is because many people have weakened and to some extent, even destroyed their protective field.

Many people bombard their body for years with junk food, negative thoughts, unseemly actions and indulge in several other habits such as alcohol, drugs, excessive sex – things that weaken the solar plexus and nerves, the inner power and therefore deplete the soul the energy it requires to keep the aura strong and fully bonded with their intuition.

There are of course, other circumstances that can weaken the aura such as exhaustion and stress and even environmental contamination. Still, if we treat our body right on all levels of being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, with a strong sense of purpose in life grounded in keeping a conscious balance and inner alertness, our intuition will be able to readily communicate to us in time to guide us and protect us. There would be no need for people to fall into depression and live in fear for the most part of their existence on Earth.

We are unable to find real solutions to many of the emotional and mental problems in the world today, because we refuse to acknowledge that we need higher knowledge that is beyond our intellectual skills.

May you find the strength to start reawakening the connection with your intuition for a clear and true balance in your life.

Love Always
Kunbi Korostensky ND
Inner Flame Rekindler

Flexibility Is The Key to Effortless Change

May 26th, 2006


I am fully in the middle of organising a special International Conference for women. This is an event for which my true desire is the inner awakening of nobility of women worldwide.

While contemplating on the program for the event and the invitations to the keynote speakers, I intuitively perceived that this could truly become a huge thing if I am prepared to adjust my own mental image of “how things have to be.”

So I decided to look for other examples out there, and adapt some of them into  what I am about to give form to. As I put this into play, I called people I didn’t know before.

Well guess what, I began to attract more and more women who want to help and support my cause. Now I have a group of committed ladies who inspire me incessantly and help remind me of my own commitment and responsibility. This a great joy!

If I had remained adamant about “my own way” being the best or the only way possible, I would probably have continued to struggle alone and who knows, maybe even given up on my vision.

Moving into flow of creativity does not mean you have to do things at the speed of light or have all the answers immediately. It is about remaining inwardly alert to perceive when you are being prompted to adjust your thinking and approach. To do things differently!

Being flexible does not only help you see things from another vantage point, but it opens your heart and connects you through higher vibration to other sources for great abundance.

Sharing freely with others unlocks the magical door to infinite joy and blessings for everyone.

Life is truly bountiful and inexhaustible if we open ourselves to its wonder!

The Power To Restore and Reform

April 28th, 2006

It is Springtime and nature is once again sprouting and blossoming with new life and fragrances and so is our body.

After successfully alleviating a very painful earache yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling relieved and refreshed. As I contemplate for a moment the memories of the excruciating pain from the previous day, I couldn’t but marvel at the rapid change.

I mean, here I am 12 hours down the road, with no pain whatsoever and practically back to my normal self! Anyone who has ever experienced any form of mind blowing pain knows it is no joke. Deep gratitude welled up inside of me as I was reminded of the true ability which lies dormant within each one of us, in our Spirit.

I felt a surge of new energy revibrating in me and intuitively perceived that I was connecting deeply with my innerself. The more I allowed it to happen the better I felt. By the time I got up I was in total harmony which I can only describe as serenity.

The secret to true happiness and joy lies buried within us and every now and then I find myself unveiling that secret and having a glimpse into the treasure. This promising treasure is also the key to new life and revival. For anything and everything that lives and breathes draws from an eternal life force which gives life to all.

We can all  draw from the gift of regeneratiing power, we only require to connect to it consciously.

Happy and abundant Spring!                            

A Simple Lesson On Appreciation

January 26th, 2006

What a great relief as my husband finally came home after his long stay at the hospital.

I was quite amazed at how calmly and composed he had adapted himself to the whole procedure he went through.

This especially because he was never one to just sit around and do nothing. Not that he did anyway!  What with his laptop and a stacked-up files of documents from work to see him through the long stretched out hours!

I have always prided myself for being able to release tension and fear of insecurity before they can overwhelm me. So when I noticed a new surge of energy and inspiration flooding through me, after my husband got back home, I shared my experience with him.

This made me realise that even though I ‘d thought all along that I was fine and had managed to get things done on daily basis, I was far from being ok.

A big part of me was blocked off. I couldn’t write, or work effectively. It took me twice the amount of time and effort to do the things I normally would have done in half the time.

And although I knew what was happening, I wasn’t able to influence it. This has given me a completely new perspective and appreciation of how fear can reduce one’s scope of functioning.

I am truly grateful and thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with. I think that sometimes you need to experience certain hardship to become more appreciative of life and what you have.


  Here is a wonderful symbol of what makes life truly amazing and joyful.


Learning Valuable Lessons From Health Conditions

January 12th, 2006

Wishing you a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year!

Mine started off with a big challenge.

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist my entire life motto has been: solid health first and everything else shall follow. This all the more renders my present predicament very unsettling.

Since mid-December 2005 my husband is dealing with the possibility of losing a kidney and even though I’d seen it coming all along, having tried to get him to change his eating habits and way of life, all to no avail, this does not make it any easier to process.

I have been asking myself repeatedly over and over again, what lessons am I to learn through this experience? What have I failed to recognise or still need to recognise? And what it is that I need to change to turn this learning into a creative and valuable gift?

I like to believe that that every ill-health, whether ours or someone else’s, challenges us to look deeper into ourselves and make changes to better our own health. This is exactly what I have been doing and I came across a very interesting book which I feel might be of interest to other people as well.

The title of the book is: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty: Water for Health, for Healing, for Life by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. This was a Medical Doctor who cured various illnesses with simple Water cure. You can find out more about this by clicking on the link: www.watercure.com and www.watercure2.org

I’d like to know if anyone else has heard of this treatment and has used it successfully?

My Marvel at the Mystery of Life

December 12th, 2005

Yesterday as my husband and I headed back home after enjoying a really fabulous evening with friends – Christmas concert and a scrumptious meal at one of our favourite restaurants -, I couldn’t help but marvel about the concert we just listened to.

You know how certain things just seem to fall into place, while other things tend to drag and take time to evolve?  Well that’s what I couldn’t get out of my mind as I watched and listened to the three musicians during the concert.

The “trio” were two pretty young ladies and a slim, tender looking young man. I must admit that they portrayed a wonderful picture of a “perfect world”.  A world that we all dream of attaining… harmony, every note in place, all tuned into each other, ending in a perfect melody.

As I marveled at the trio working their little miracle around us with their flutes, I wondered why is it so difficult for people to attain this same perfect harmony with each other and their own lives.

Like fitting in the notes into chords and practising until they are perfect for the ears, why can’t we all take the time to perfect our relationships or the changes in our lives? Why do we tend to give up too easily and quickly, when sometimes all it requires is simply a little perseverance to reach your goal? I wonder and marvel at the mystery of being and living.

Could it be that we need to overcome adversities in order to feel alive or maybe we no longer are capable of living consciously without challenges and stress? Afterall, stress factor can be an adrenalin surge for certain people.

I WONDER out aloud!

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