How Changing Your Being Can Change Your World

September 30th, 2011

Wow, this has certainly been a week of high energy and deep fulfilment!
First, out of the blues I received an invitation from Hay House Author Eldon Taylor, to participate in a world wide campaign with the opportunity of attracting millions of visitors to my website and help improve people’s lives around the globe.

Second, I attended a magical live event which practically bulldozed whatever remaining concern I might have had about following your unique voice. The experience of that event opened my eyes and heart to the recognition of what it means to be truly committed to and believe in whatever you sense to be right on a deep level of your being and just following through.

Now, you might say it’s common knowledge that it requires real commitment and staunch belief in what you’re doing to achieve great results. And yet, if we all know this, why do so many fail to see things through or fall short of their visions?

I believe that the answer to these questions can help change our inner awareness for real success to not just happen, but to sustain its continuous progress. The answer can also clarify why we need to fully align our inner level of vibration with what it is that we’re wanting to bring to life in our world.

Let me clarify this for you a little bit further.

Have you ever noticed how the energy around you seems to flatten out when you’re feeling down or when you have a flu or a short illness? What happens in such circumstances is that as we recoil, feeling the need to either make some sense of what is happening to us, or to nurture our health, we intuitively slow down all our internal vibration so that we burn less energy and only expend that which is essential for our survival.

While the outer cosmic energy continues to strenghten our body, we hang in there until we are ready to re-emerge and fully engage ourselves once again. I call this the time of  ”zero grounding” because it is as if in that period of time everything in you comes to a screeching halt.

What we often term as an impasse is nature’s way of helping us to regain some form of balance and harmony within us. Because the answer to changing our being to change our world is consciously finding the balance and harmony to be in the flow of life. And the more we find that balance, the more we are in harmony with ourself, the easier it becomes to change our world through our beingness.

One of my favourite psychologist was the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. He was very conscious of the importance of balance and harmony for our existence. He warned that modern society rely too strongly on science and logic and could greatly benefit by integrating spirituality and appreciation of the unconscious realm into the physical world. Although he was a theoretical psychologist and practicing clinician,  most of his life and work was spent exploring other unseen realms such as intuition. 

A very natural way of finding that balance is to become attuned more with our intuition. This safeguards against anxiety, unwanted presssure and allows to attain inner peace.

Which brings me to my third wonderful expereince this week- afterall, every magical thing happens in threes – YEAH!

The crown of this amazing week, so far has been my debut first radio talk show with the host Nicole Whitney, which took place on Wednseday 28.09.11 at 12 noon Pacific Time.

I am now creating all these wonderful opportunities as I continue to keep inner sense of balance and harmony of being. I feel deep gratitude for the new changes and developments in my life. They not only keep me on my toes, but most importantly they keep me inwardly alert.

Love Always!                                        
Kunbi  Korostensky ND  



Successful Change Begins With A Burning DESIRE And A DECISION

February 16th, 2008

As much as we all tend to resist changes, it is a fact that change pulls us forward and helps us develop our hidden talents and intrinsic strengths.

When we are faced by a sudden change, initially we may feel overwhelmed and even panic, but once the anxiety wears off, most people begin to embrace the novelty feeling of excitement and new challenge, because it is the natural thing to do. Like most people, I have also experienced many changes in my life: some challenging, others less overwhelming. Looking back now, I can clearly recognise the power of my inner strengths which came into play and guided me to making the various transitional periods successfully.

The first innate strength is the burning desire to see things unfold the way I had envisioned and never to give up until I knew I had prevailed. This, I would say, has always been my mantra in times of any change. When you have a burning desire your soul ignites with a special passion which remains alive day and night. This passon infuses your entire being pulling you towards the realization of your goal. It is in such moments when you sense that you are guided and know beyond all doubts that you will succeed.

With that desire burning profusely inside you, you find yourself commiting to giving the best possible of yourself.This is the decision that comes with the consciousness that you have the power to turn things around and achieve precisely what you want, even if you don’t yet know how.

Every transaction in life, personal or professional, successful or unsuccessful starts with a single decision. Just think about your own life. Were you truly aware of all the things which have happened in your life up to this present time? Did you decide consciously on these things or they just happened? When you look into these inquires, you’ll realize that conscious decision is the key to any kind of success in life.

You can learn how to make wise decisions by developing skills of clear thinking and focus. It is important to make sound decisions especially  in times of changes. Indecisiveness often cause ambivalence which can set up internal conflicts and escalate into our mental and emotional state of mind.

Retaining indecisive and ambivalent feelings for a lengthy period can block off our ability to be fully effective and creative and therefore render us despondent and unhappy. People with high self image and strong self esteem are not afraid of making decisions because they know that making decisions is essential to living a full life.

Never ask yourself if something is possible or not and don’t let any lack of resources stop you in making a decision. When I decided to go ahead and start all over at the age of 56 with a new line of direction in my business, I didn’t know where the money and the other resources I required would come from, but I knew I wanted to go ahead and do what I had to do. Today, a year later, I marvel at Creation as I continued to experience miracles upon miracles at every corner I turned!

As Wolfgang von Goethe said: “Whatever you can do,or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. BEGIN IT NOW”, start where you are now and be decisive.

Your Spiritual Life Changer Coach

Taking Responsibility For Your Life

January 19th, 2008

Well, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you a most gratifying 2008 in all areas of your life

Now that a brand new year is well on its way, like everyone else I have been thinking what would be the best way to really make a conscious change in my life for this year. I realise that each one of us is at a different level of experiencing and development, but irrespective of this difference, we all yearn for the same things: love, happiness and inner peace.

Reflecting on this, made me perceive that achieving these things ought to be simple for each of us, yet it isn’t. The question which surfaced was: why not??

I believe that love happiness and peace elude most of us because we are often afraid to take responsibility for ourselves. It is always easier to expect others to do things for us or when things go wrong instead of looking within ourself and asking what we could have done better, we search outside for the culprit and point fingers.

“I would have liked to have studied, but my father thought I was better off learning a trade, or  “My family did not support my idea, so I gave it up”. These are some of the things we say and try to hide behind them in order to shirk personal responsibility. If we want things to start looking up for us, we need to stop making excuses or living in the past. Now is a good place to start. It is never too late to make a change, all it requires is to take responsibility for your life and decide to take the first step, no matter where it takes you.

The great Winston Churchill once said “the price of greatness is responsibility“. We can begin to move in the direction of greatness when we stop complaining and focus on being happy.

I made this conscious shift recently by simply cleaning up after my husband has made some mess in the kitchen. In the past I would just have overlooked this thinking that since he made the mess, he should clean it up. I can tell you, this felt good and gave me a sense of peace , because I didn’t have to dwell on the unsightful scene.

Taking self responsibility infiltrates into various aspects of our lives. It is up to the individual to recognise where it is in their life that they are either afraid to take responsibility or are being stubborn.

If your intention is to be successful and be happy, 2008 could be the year to bring all that to you, once you begin to accept responsibility for yourself and your actions.

I wish you the clarity to always know when to step courageously forward!

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