Going Into the Wilderness of Your Intuition

June 22nd, 2012


It is true that what is familiar and known is comfortable. We know what to expect. We know how the story goes and we know how we will respond.
But there are times throughout our lives when we must leave what we know, and venture into the unknown. And although there is no map for this vast wilderness, you are not wholly unprepared. You have a guide: your intuition.


Instead of relying on a map to guide you, you learn to “follow your inner guidance.” This incredible voice leads you on a journey that is all your own. What you discover along the way is your real self, your strength and what you love. Unrefined and unmapped, the wilderness of your intuition leads you to discoveries and experiences you never would have had if you stayed where you were comfortable.

What journey will you take that leads you to new discoveries and opportunities? Imagine what’s out there for you if you step out and venture away from what’s familiar and comfortable, trustingly following your intuition into the vast unknown. There is no need to be fearful or doubt your path. Your reliable guide, intuition knows exactly what you need and how to get it. Just trust its guidance with confidence and yes, exuberance, to grow and bring new awareness into your being and life.


Using The Power of Silence to Develop Your Intuition for Guidance

November 14th, 2011

 I have observed that few people can stand prolonged silence, especially when confronted by different choices. In order to be able to access intuition on regular basis, it is crucial that we learn to feel comfortable with silence around us and in us.

People mostly try to fill up their surroundings with noise, chatter, radio, music and several other ting tang noises so as not to listen within.  It is when we begin to embrace silence as a source of expanding our being to draw deeply from within, that we begin to experience real sense of connection and peace. We also begin to feel stronger and more in control without having to control anything. WE SIMPLY ARE!

One way to start using the power of silence is to listen intently to someone talking to you without interruption. When you listen intently, you’ll be able to intuitively pick up certain vibrations that you otherwise might miss if you were too busy trying to get your own message across. Most times we are too much in our head than in our inner being, inner self. It is when we come down a peg or two as I say, into that realm of allowing that we can fully connect with our inner guidance. This is especially important in times of changes. When a change is eminent, we often either want to charge forward and make things happen, or we doubt our ability to cope with the change.

Neither of these reactions are helpful to us. Because for one thing, we run the risk of running  into unnecessary difficulties, for not having thought things out. For another, we become despondent and block our creativity. Creativity and intuition go hand in hand. This is what impact our lives and ensures consistent flow in true exchange of abundance.

If you’d like to hear how you can delve more into your own creative power generated by your intuition, I encourage you to join me tonight  for a special experience of Creative awareness. Listen in as I interview one of the world’s international renowned artist, Freydoon Rassouli, the Fusionartist about his Sublime paintings and how his intuition directs him.

Go here now to watch our intro video and register for the talk. I promise you, you’ll learn a thing or two that you can apply to own your intuitive guidance.

I look forward to connecting with you tonight.

Love Always

Kunbi Korostensky
Inner Flame Rekindler 


How Changing Your Being Can Change Your World

September 30th, 2011

Wow, this has certainly been a week of high energy and deep fulfilment!
First, out of the blues I received an invitation from Hay House Author Eldon Taylor, to participate in a world wide campaign with the opportunity of attracting millions of visitors to my website and help improve people’s lives around the globe.

Second, I attended a magical live event which practically bulldozed whatever remaining concern I might have had about following your unique voice. The experience of that event opened my eyes and heart to the recognition of what it means to be truly committed to and believe in whatever you sense to be right on a deep level of your being and just following through.

Now, you might say it’s common knowledge that it requires real commitment and staunch belief in what you’re doing to achieve great results. And yet, if we all know this, why do so many fail to see things through or fall short of their visions?

I believe that the answer to these questions can help change our inner awareness for real success to not just happen, but to sustain its continuous progress. The answer can also clarify why we need to fully align our inner level of vibration with what it is that we’re wanting to bring to life in our world.

Let me clarify this for you a little bit further.

Have you ever noticed how the energy around you seems to flatten out when you’re feeling down or when you have a flu or a short illness? What happens in such circumstances is that as we recoil, feeling the need to either make some sense of what is happening to us, or to nurture our health, we intuitively slow down all our internal vibration so that we burn less energy and only expend that which is essential for our survival.

While the outer cosmic energy continues to strenghten our body, we hang in there until we are ready to re-emerge and fully engage ourselves once again. I call this the time of  ”zero grounding” because it is as if in that period of time everything in you comes to a screeching halt.

What we often term as an impasse is nature’s way of helping us to regain some form of balance and harmony within us. Because the answer to changing our being to change our world is consciously finding the balance and harmony to be in the flow of life. And the more we find that balance, the more we are in harmony with ourself, the easier it becomes to change our world through our beingness.

One of my favourite psychologist was the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. He was very conscious of the importance of balance and harmony for our existence. He warned that modern society rely too strongly on science and logic and could greatly benefit by integrating spirituality and appreciation of the unconscious realm into the physical world. Although he was a theoretical psychologist and practicing clinician,  most of his life and work was spent exploring other unseen realms such as intuition. 

A very natural way of finding that balance is to become attuned more with our intuition. This safeguards against anxiety, unwanted presssure and allows to attain inner peace.

Which brings me to my third wonderful expereince this week- afterall, every magical thing happens in threes – YEAH!

The crown of this amazing week, so far has been my debut first radio talk show with the host Nicole Whitney, which took place on Wednseday 28.09.11 at 12 noon Pacific Time.

I am now creating all these wonderful opportunities as I continue to keep inner sense of balance and harmony of being. I feel deep gratitude for the new changes and developments in my life. They not only keep me on my toes, but most importantly they keep me inwardly alert.

Love Always!                                        
Kunbi  Korostensky ND  



Attaining Greatness is Facing Our Deepest Weaknesses

September 21st, 2011

Do you know that most of us kid ourselves about where we currently are and why we are struggling to move on?
Put bluntly, the reason is vanity, which blocks us from looking squarely at our weaknesses and honestly doing something about them.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “I’m not like that, I’m certainly aware of my weaknesses and try to work on them. This isn’t what I mean. And my answer to your working on them is, are you really…?!
Try not to get irritated by this question. Remain open and be honest about what comes up for you. Here’s an example to illustrate my point.

If you’ve ever had someone pointed out something about your character or shortcomings to you, what did you do? Were you accepting of their remarks and thanked them? Because you appreciated the opportunity to learn about yourself. Or did you “react” and became defensive?

If you’re like most of us, you probably did the latter.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, but I certainly want you to get clear and become conscious about what could be responsible for the struggles you may still be experiencing with the changes in your life.

In February 2005, during a short illness, I had a near death experience (NDE) which forced me to refocus my life. It also made me recognise what true living is all about.

My work and life had given me deep satisfaction which made me acknowledge my achievements. Suddenly the realisation hit me like a thunderstorm that these were merely “scaffoldings” temporarily holding my outer edifice together, but not my LIFE.

I came to the simple conclusion that everything and nothing is of value, if you fail to develop natural inner strength. For therein lies the foundation of true value.

Inner strength is portrayed by the way we handle or face unpleasant self confrontations. By this I mean, it is never smart and least of all, productive to excuse any weaknesses you may have. Saying such things as “oh yes I know we all have our weaknesses and heaven knows that I’m not perfect but… who is?” is simply a camouflage which never helps us become the great beings we are meant to be.

Do you see what you’re doing there? You’re taking the focus off your issues and minimizing its weight. You may think that there’s nothing wrong in doing this, but I can assure you that this isn’t the best way to evolve as a conscious individual and attract abundance. In fact, it only fosters continuous indulgence of your weaknesses and blocks off true happiness and lasting success.

We all find various “little” ways to fool ourselves and thereby ignore our weaknesses until they fester deep within. Once this happens, it is difficult to attain true inner greatness or lasting happiness. For only by facing our weaknesses can we let go of what holds us back from moving forward.

This is especially true when it comes to handling changes successfully, because antime you resist or recent something, your intuition is showing you what you need to work on. Be glad and embrace it.

What Weaknesses are you keeping in your closet? Begin addressing them consciously now and observe how things start to improve all around for you. I know this because I’ve experienced it myself.

To attain Inner Greatness strive for these qualities: love, grace and humility.
Inspirational Quote
“You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments or publicity.” – Eddie Rickenbacker

Carpe Diem – With a Heartfelt Embrace!

August 8th, 2011

When a new day begins we open our heart with gratitude and joy of new possiibilities. I have found that everything we need or want is already here for us, we are only required to open ourselves and embrace it into our lives.

CARPE DIEM – Seize the Day! This is a wonderful reminder of the numereous blessings right before us and which we often ignore or take for granted.
Seizing the Day in all that it encompasses and offers. Recognizing that I am right where I need to be and fully using that awareness to the best possibility daily gives me a deep sense of connectedness with all around me.

CARPE DIEM is also a nine letter word just like INTUITION swinging and vibrating in fulfilment and completion. I believe this means that whatever we do daily ought to be done with a clear open heart free of all reservations. Allowing our intuition to be the key to unlock the fulfilment of our creation.

I wish you a day of joyful and exuberance creation.
Love Always
Kunbi Korostensky ND
Your Inner Flame Rekindler

Using the Power of Perception to Change Things

August 3rd, 2011

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share this with you.

There are times when we feel that no matter what we do, nothing seems to be happening. This feeling cannot only frustrate us, but render us solemn and dispondent. I have come to realize that it is our perception of when and how we want things to show up that brings about doubts and frustrations.

Change your perception and your circumstances start to shift. What does this mean and how can we consciously remain in the state of receptivity instead of doubt which locks us into constriction?

first off, I have found that when I allow thing to be okay and remain in that space of openness, changes start occurring naturally.

It is important to remember that we have the power to form and reform things in and around us with our exceptional abilitiy of creativeness.

Using these 4-steps declarations can start your power of perception to unfold naturally:

1. Stop affirming that things are difficult. Instead, begin declaring: I am shifting things happilly and I am doing it well.
2. Tune within and repeat as often as necessary: I am now connecting with the everlasting all-embracing power and it is showing me the way.
3. I am choosing to free myself of all perceived and unwanted constraint.
4. I am Alert, I am Aware, I am Awaken and I am fully anchored in God’s beautiful Creation in peace, joy and clarity and with a creative approach to life now and always.

Always remember that when you commit to changing things in your life, things are no longer what they were before. Because you’ve already broken the vicious cycle and the shift has already began. Keep the momentum going by repeating the 4 steps constantly until you start sensing and feeling the changes around you.
Even if you still can’t see the physical appearance, don’t be misled. Remain connected to you inner sensing and things will appear in their own time.

Let your intuition continue to show you the way!

Challenges and Resolves

July 9th, 2011

One interesting thing I’ve come to appreciate over the years is that the older I get the clearer are my perceptions of day to day challenges.

I also recognize that whatever it is that we face in this life is truly there to mature our soul and render us more conscious of our choices and their consequences. Most times, we make a decision without fully being aware of the results they hold for us. This is because, consequences are often not so immediate as our choices.

This is why I believe that the more we work from our intuition, bonding with it to help us have more clarity and attune to how we are meant to be on Earth, the better will be the choices we make and thereby we can reap wonderful results.

I realize that learning from our impetuous actions is part of being here and growing. Yet, it can seem a long winding road for many of us, if we constantly experience the same challlenges repeatedly. So how does one become masterful at laying the “tedious ghost” to rest?

My answer is to become more alert and vigilant, listening more from within than from outside. I have found that whenever I compare what I am doing with what others are doing, I am doing a di-service to myself. I often feel demotivated and get frustrated afterwards. This mental state of being not only drags me down, but also blocks off my ability to ease into my intuitive guidance.

My resolution is to remain attuned to my energy and be fully connected with my volition and who I am. It is imperative to release all unnecessary expectations of others. The more you leave your inner channels open, the stronger and clearer the intuition gets.

Keep your resolves clear and strong and you’ll be amazed at the exceptional flood of power that gets trigger for your own miracle.

Which is my reason for creating a conscious path of helping others reconnect fully with their intuition, by living from intuition. Look out for my book: INTUITION INVOLUTION – living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond”

My Elation, I’ve revamped my Website!

June 18th, 2011

It’s been quite a while since I posted on my blog. Now that I have managed to bring a rudimental balance to my website www.embracingchanges.com with an integrated WordPress Blog, I am ready to begin a new phase of this journey.

It is true what they say about never to lose sight of the end result of what you truly want.

A pointed lesson on the power of intuitive guidance that I learnt during the whole process of updating www.embracingchanges.com  was never to let myself be misled.

In January 2010. I Initially decided it was time to change the face of my website, but didn’t yet know how I was going to handle the change. The old webpages had over 70 pages and information and not being a techie person, I felt overwhelmed. Still I knew it was time to make a change and I wanted to do it in a way that wouldn’t eat a hole into my financial pocket!

So early January 2011, I did what many clever marketers on the Internet have long been doing, I branched out into the Outsourcing realm and found a wonderful distant Outsourcing VA, who has now helped to get everything into its appropriate order – moved website and configurated WordPress to fit what I require, moved all my blog posts from a monthly paying blog platform to WordPress, without it all costing me a bombshell! 

Although we are still working on the website, it is now live and you can check it out to see the new face and updated service offers I have set up at www.embracingchanges.com

I shall be adding upcoming events to the calendar page as well as various audios and videos to support you  more.

I look forward to your comments about the new website.

Thank you

To your inner brilliance!

Kunbi Korostensky ND

What Does Abundance Mean To You?

March 8th, 2006

Here is another great article which I simply have to share here. It requires no further introduction.


Scarcity vs Abundance: Where Do You Stand?

by Mitch Meyerson and Laurie Ashner

We know clients with very small or inconsistent incomes who feel financially secure. As one of them put it, “I know, no matter what, I’ll land on my feet.” They aren’t careless or impractical, either. These people have a natural sense of abundance, a deep belief that there is enough to go around.

We also know clients who have a great deal of income and investments and who are fearful every moment of losing them. To the person who lives with a sense of scarcity, there truly is never enough. He or she therefore is much more apt to go for the sure thing, the instant payoff, the action that will pay the bills today, than take the type of risks involved in seeking a higher purpose or meaning in life.

Karla, 35, is a case in point. She is a special education teacher who works with severely learning disabled children. “Every so often I’ll meet someone and they’ll ask me what I do, and when I tell them, they’ll say something like, “Oh, you’re such a special person to work with those children. It must be so rewarding.” I really want to die when they say that. I got my degree in special education simply because that’s where the jobs were, and I knew that I had to have a job the day I graduated college or I’d have no way to survive. To be honest, the job is boring and tedious. To me, there’s nothing meaningful about it at all. I know that there were probably other things I could have done with my life that I might have enjoyed more. But, hey, with a mortgage, a divorce, and a teenager, I was too afraid to go for it.”

A sense of scarcity is like a filter through which we view everything. It’s not necessarily reality. However, it’s a way of protecting ourselves from risk and disappointment. In truth, it often limits us to a life that is somewhere in the middle of happiness and unhappiness. It’s usually steady and stable. “I guess I’d call it vanilla,” Karla says. “It’s not a sundae with all the trimmings, but at least you’re eating ice cream.” One might think Karla is being practical. But thirteen years doing a job she dislikes goes beyond practicality. It’s her enduring sense of scarcity that won’t allow her to see that she does, in fact, have options.

Where do you stand on the scarcity vs abundance continuum?

Answer the following questions either true or false.

1. I often worry that there won’t be enough money even when things are going well
2. In choosing a career, security is a top priority.
3. I often worry about losing what I’ve gained through no fault of my own.
4. I rarely take risks with things that are dearest to me.
5, I have trouble believing, Do what you love and the money will follow.
6. I worry that my children won’t have as many opportunities in their lives as generations before them.
7. I have trouble believing that eventually everything works out.
8. I don’t feel especially connected to anything beyond my day to day activities.
9. When people say, “Don’t worry, it will work out,” I think they’re naive.
10. I have doubts whether there is a high power who has a master plan for me.
11. When I leave a relationship, it’s usually because I’ve met someone else – I’d rather stay than be alone.
12. Making changes in my life, whether it means moving to another home, or switching careers, can be very difficult for me.

Have you answered true more often than false?

It doesn’t mean you’re right or wrong. Just consider that when one sees scarcity all around him, taking the time to pursue such questions as, What would have real meaning for me? What do I really want? is that much more difficult. It seems impractical. But, that doesn’t mean it is. This isn’t an either/or type of endeavor, where you either take wild risks or stay stuck with what you have. There are ways all of us can begin to feel a greater, more freeing sense of abundance in our lives without giving up the tried and true.

Here are some more questions to consider to enhance your sense of meaning and purpose.

1. When do you feel your life has the most purpose and meaning? When do you feel the deepest joy?
(i.e. With my grandchild; when I play piano; in my garden; when I take a course; when I exercise)

2. How could your gifts and talents fulfill a need in the world?
(i.e my art skill could bring joy to elderly people, my teaching skill could educate children, my optimism could motivate others)

3. What would I like people to say about me after I’m gone?
(i.e. he/she was a good person, creative, loving, talented,enjoyed life to the fullest)

4. In what ways would you act differently if you had only one year to live?
(i.e. Make sure I made a contribution to what I believe in; tell people I love how I feel about them; visit places I’ve always wanted to see)

Mitch Meyerson and Laurie Ashner are the authors of three self help books including Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire. If you are interested in breaking through your barriers to success visit: www.BreakingFree.com and get notified about our next personal breakthroughs group.

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