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The Secret To Mastering Changes With Ease

And why it can benefit Active-Driven Women!

Going Into the Wilderness of Your Intuition

  It is true that what is familiar and known is comfortable. We know what to expect. We know how the story goes and we know how we will respond. But there are times throughout our lives when we must … Continue reading

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Using The Power of Silence to Develop Your Intuition...

 I have observed that few people can stand prolonged silence, especially when confronted by different choices. In order to be able to access intuition on regular basis, it is crucial that we learn to feel comfortable with silence around us and … Continue reading

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When there’s No Enemy Within, The Enemies Outside Cannot...

We all go through periods of epiphany which help shift things for us. I believe these to be wonderful moments of deep recognition that can transform our being on an intrinsic level..   In the last six years, I have made some very clear conscious … Continue reading

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How Changing Your Being Can Change Your World

Wow, this has certainly been a week of high energy and deep fulfilment! First, out of the blues I received an invitation from Hay House Author Eldon Taylor, to participate in a world wide campaign with the opportunity of attracting … Continue reading

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Attaining Greatness is Facing Our Deepest Weaknesses

Do you know that most of us kid ourselves about where we currently are and why we are struggling to move on? Put bluntly, the reason is vanity, which blocks us from looking squarely at our weaknesses and honestly doing … Continue reading

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Saying Yes to Receive Your Abundance

September 7th is a very special day for me. It is a day of retreating and remembering that as a woman, I am here for a particular purpose. To use my feminine attributes in a consciencious way that evokes harmony … Continue reading

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How to Quieten Inner Turbulence in Times of Changes

In times of changes, we often go through “emotional roller coaster”. This actually is not surprising and need not render you over anxious. The most important thing is to realize that having some kind of anxieties is normal. Admittedly the … Continue reading

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Frustrated – Are Your Efforts Not getting You Anywhere?

Sometimes when we make changes in our lives feeling confident that everything will go well, we suddenly hit a plateau despite all our efforts. This can get you frustrated, especially when you feel that you’re doing all you can and … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Stress Damaging Your Body During a...

Goog health is all we’ve got to get us through any challenges in life. Without a good health, trying to handle any change can become a nightmare. Stresses have a way of ruining our health if we ignore paying attention … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem – With a Heartfelt Embrace!

When a new day begins we open our heart with gratitude and joy of new possiibilities. I have found that everything we need or want is already here for us, we are only required to open ourselves and embrace it … Continue reading

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