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The Secret To Mastering Changes With Ease

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Publications Embracing Changes


Discover how living fully by Intuition can bring harmony and balance to our lives and to our world as author Olakunbi Korostensky, ND, releases her debut book INTUITION INVOLUTION.

Publications Embracing Changes

What is SNAP?

S.N.A.P is an acronym for Spirituality, Nurturing, Alignment and Practice

Just like an elastic band snaps back into its original form when stretched and released so is the imagery for us human beings.

Publications Embracing Changes


An invigorating booklet, consisting of 10 simple and powerful holistic questions to help you learn to say yes to the change in your life, move joyfully into the change and adapt yourself to the change for continuous growth and richer prosperity.

Publications Embracing Changes

Believe in Yourself to Succeed

A compilation of some of my outstanding helpful tips with call to actions and inspirational quotes to spur you on and enhance your confidence.

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Publications Embracing Changes